Way Of House 19 :
KOSCO - Quartzite

1. Quartzite (Original Mix)
2. Quartzite (Vall Remix)
3. Drawn (Original Mix)
4. Opale (Original Mix)

Born at the beginning of the Nineties, Kosco is a French producer oriented deep, house and electronica. Early he’s interested in the universe of the electronic music with the classical training of the mix and its culture.
Growing passion and experiment he starts to produce his own music and quickly affirms a preference for deep sonorities & melodic, with minimal and powerfull ryhtmic at the same time. He launches and develops KOSCO project in 2015. In 2016, Joris Delacroix grabs a demo track “Drawn” on his Soundcloud. Will follow from there a demo to Way Of House, the 3 demo tracks matches at the first listening, and a EP programmed for 2017.
Quarzite EP, will be released on Way Of House ; May 12th, offers 3 originals tracks plus a remix by “Vall”, also new recruit of the label. Result is a rich and melodic travel, full of emotion, while keeping dancefloor energy, proof of a great electronic production control.

Management : lorena@wayofhouse.com